People simply feel better when beautiful plants and green foliage surround them. That’s called biophilia. Now, when it comes to special events, nothing could be truer. At Inside Plants, we provide indoor plants for special events. We will help with the interior landscaping design from start to finish.

Ever toured a model home that was filled with live greenery? Did it allow you to imagine what the house would look like if you lived in it? Chances are, it did. In fact, whenever interior plants are part of the look and feel, people are more likely to buy. The same goes for you home, office or special event.

Interior Plant Special Event Rentals for Every Occassion

Inside Plants has extensive experience customizing interior landscapes for residential and model homes, as well as special events and staging. Our team of interior-scapers will add the final touches to bring your event to life. Our interior plant special events and day rentals are available in a dazzling diversity of choices and we’ll help you design the whole plant layout.

What we do with interior plant special events and day rentals in nothing short of special! We know it must be. We know that a model home, or that home staging to help sell a home, must make the best first impression. With plants placed in just the right location, that house becomes a home. We want your event to be the best one ever! And by adding plants, you make that happen for you and your guests!

Indoor Plant Rentals
Indoor Plant Rentals
Indoor Plant Rentals

Interior Plants Can Bring Your Special Event to Life For:

  • Weddings
  • Staging (homes for sale, model homes)
  • Parties
  • Conventions
  • Corporate Functions
  • Booths
  • Holiday Décor

Expert Decorative Plant Service For Special Events

When it comes to the best interior plant service for your event, Inside Plants is the company to trust. We are the experts, hired by other companies to train them on how to do it. As a result, we offer beautiful design service to fit your vision, recommending the best plants to fit your needs.

Why Do People Love Us For Weddings and Special Events?

Focus On Service

From initial consultation to ongoing plant care and maintenance, our expert plant technicians ensure that you get the best customer experience.

Creative and Unique Events

Whether it’s for an office reception area, a hospital lobby or the foyer of your home, we provide you creative solutions that you’ll love. When you trust Inside Plants with your interior plantscape, you can be sure it will be elegant, beautiful, expressive and always timeless.

Highest Quality and Service For Special Events

You can tell that we love what we do by the quality of maintenance and decorative plant care service we provide. Our plant care experts make sure that your plants stay strong and healthy.

Honesty and Integrity

Our Core Value. With Inside Plants, you are always assured of honest and straightforward service. We do what we say we’ll do and honor our promises and commitments.

Large Indoor Plants

What We Can Do For Your Special Event

Special Event Plant Rentals

As a top decorative plant service company, expect only the best from Inside Plants. We will add color and interest to your wedding or special event through creative layout of plants and foliage. Here is what to expect for your interior plants for special events:

Customized Design

When you work with us, it’s always a collaboration. You can be sure that the interiorscape we do for you is unique and personalized to your space and your style. We take into consideration all key factors mentioned above to come out with custom design best suited for your space.

Special Event Delivery and Installation

Once we have agreed on the design, watch us transform your ordinary space into something amazing and extraordinary. And we just don’t install, we carefully monitor the plants we’ve put in your space to ensure that they are adapting well to their new environment.

When you decide to purchase or rent plants and planters, it’s certainly a big investment. Inside Plants make sure that we take care of your investment.

Our highly trained, knowledgeable plant care specialists love what they do. So, you are assured of the highest quality plants for your wedding or special event.