Indoor Plant Sales, Maintenance and Rentals

INSIDE PLANTS has been providing quality plants and services since 1978. Our creative designs for both home and office use living plants to bring the freshness of the outdoors inside. We offer a variety of interior plants, both live and artificial. Also, we offer beautiful, decorative containers to complement any interior design. Our team of professional interiorscapers, many who are certified landscape technicians, are trained in interior plant maintenance and design. They will provide the best care for your indoor plant selection. Whether you seek indoor plant rentals, sales and maintenance, or plant design, we’ve got the ideal solution!

Our Indoor plant sales, rentals, and guaranteed maintenance services bring the freshness and beauty of the outdoors inside!


It’s not often that you can find all your indoor plant needs and services in one place. From a small commercial office to a multi-million dollar home, we can help you accomplish your design needs. Do you want artificial indoor plants? We’ve got them, too. Have your heart set on living walls? Take a look at some great examples. Do you have a custom, indoor plant design in mind? Let us know. We’ll make it happen! When it comes to holiday décor, we provide the work and the glitter. Whether its holiday tree decorating and installation, you get more… and without the hassle!

Whether you have a commercial or residential need, get the benefits of our indoor plant rentals, sales and maintenance services. Leave the details to us. We’ll create, install and maintain. You just sit back, relax and enjoy your stunning, indoor plant decor.

And Remember, we don’t want you to get caught with your plants down!


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Inside Plants
I chose Inside Plants because they are a small scale firm that provides a wonderful product and excellent customer care - as a small business owner myself, I gravitate towards companies that share my work ethic and provide their clients with accessibility to their Team, should myself or my clients need anything!