With people spending more and more time indoors, we often miss out on the benefits that the outdoor environment brings. Bringing living plants indoors with our Indio indoor plant services is one of the easiest ways of adding in some freshness to enclosed spaces.

What are the benefits of having plants in your home or office? Aside from bringing in the freshness of the outdoors in, plants improve the aesthetics of your indoor space. Using various plants and foliage, you can easily add color and texture to any office or corner of your home. In addition, plants add more value by:

Improving Air Quality

Indoor air is not the healthiest atmosphere. While you may think that pollution outdoors is the worst, it can be twice as bad inside. In an air-conditioned environment, the air is re-circulated and may be filled with toxic compounds. Where do these come from? They come from common items as furniture, clothing, carpets and even cleaning compounds.

Plants included in a Indio indoor plant service have the ability to filter and purify indoor air. They draw in compounds from the air and convert these to plant food. At the same time, they also release oxygen and water into the air, balancing the humidity level in an enclosed space. This counteracts the drying effect of air conditioning on the body.

Noise Control

There are some Indio, CA office noises that cannot be avoided. And they can be loud enough to affect employee concentration and focus. Plants naturally absorb noise and can make any office a more relaxing space.

Stress Relief

Various studies have proven that plants are good for people. Workers who are surrounded by plants in their workplace are found to be less stressed. Consider these interesting figures:

  • 37% drop in tension and anxiety
  • 58% decrease in feelings of depression or dejection
  • 44% decrease in anger and hostility
  • 38% reduction in fatigue

While indoor plants and indoor plantscapes may be quite an investment, the return on a Indio indoor plant service is certainly worth it.

Corporate Indoor Palms
Clean the air you breathe today with an affordable Indio indoor plant service. It’s a cost effective way to live a healthier life.

Affordable Indio Indoor Office Plants

Looking for an affordable Indio indoor plant service to introduce color and freshness inside your office? When your indoor space is looking drab and lifeless, Inside Plants has you covered. We have everything you need to create the green oasis you have always wanted.

Plants And Planters

Our team of certified interior landscapers will customize a plantscape tailored to your requirements. We offer a wide variety of plant and planter selections to fit every budget. For a cost effective Indio indoor plant service, Inside Plants can serve your needs.

Long Term Plant And Planter Rental

If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to have all the office plants you want, we offer rental programs that include plants, unique planters, and maintenance. Once we have installed your Indio indoor plant service plantscape and ensure that plants are in optimal locations, our team of experience plant care technicians will regularly visit to service your plants. They will do everything to keep every plant as healthy as possible.

What’s Included In Indio Indoor Plant Service?

  • Water your plants. While this may be like a straightforward task, there is actually a science to this. Some plants may require more watering than others. Or too much watering may actually result in pest infestation. As experts in their field, our plant care technicians possess extensive knowledge of plants to give just the right amount of watering for your plantscape.
  • Fertilize. While this is generally a good thing, sometimes too much fertilizers encourage the growth of certain plant pests.
  • Trim and Prune. Trimming and pruning are needed so plants can grow lush and healthy while keeping your plantscape neat and beautiful looking.
  • Pot and Repot. Plants grow and outgrow the pots they are planted in. Our plant experts check each plant and change pots as needed.
  • Do Pest Control. Even under very controlled environments, pest infestation can occur. Because of the indoor conditions that have no natural predators, pests such as aphids, scale, and mites can multiply rapidly. Our Indio indoor plant service experts regularly inspect each plant for any sign of infestation and nip things in the bud. We use natural insect control methods (use of commercially available beneficial insects such as ladybugs or lacewings) or neem plant-derived insecticides that are safe for people and the environment, as well.
  • Dust and Shine. Dust gives the dull look in plants. We make sure that your plantscape looks always fresh and vibrant with regular dusting.

We guarantee that every plant is as healthy as possible or we replace them at no charge to your company.

Indoor Planters

Large fig trees can be added to your Indio, CA business office or residence. These large trees will have a dramatic impact on the cleanliness of the air you breathe.

Lucky Plants For Your Indio, CA Office

4 Leaf Clover

The lucky 4-leaf clover is not the only lucky plant. There are many plants that bring good luck to your home of office. Let’s bring luck to your space today!

Numerous studies have already proven the many benefits of having plants in the workplace. They contribute to reducing stress, increase worker productivity, and reduce office noise and chatter. Aside from these, they also remove harmful substances in the air and improve indoor air quality by producing oxygen and stabilizing humidity levels.

In the ancient Eastern art and science of Feng Shui, certain plants are known to be luck boosters. Whether you believe this practice or not, these plants certainly bring freshness and beauty to any space.

Money Plant (Crassula Ovata)

This plant is native to South Africa. It is a small, succulent plant with small flowers. Feng Shui experts believe that this plant attracts money and good luck as it grows. It is also believed to produce positive energy and harmonize human existence with the environment. It makes an ideal office plant because it requires minimal watering.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Native to the North Americas, the peace lily is an ideal indoor plant. It can grow even in low office light lighting and can be placed in locations where there are no big windows. Plus, it needs watering only once a week. They are large, space-filling plants that can filter indoor air. They are known as fortune plants in Feng Shui.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

Included in the NASA Clean Air Study, it is proven effective in improving air quality by filtering the air from benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and toluene. It has shooting dark green leaves that have bands of bright yellow-green on the outside. It is considered to bring good luck, according to Feng Shui.

Golden Pathos (Epipremnum Aureum)

This is a low-maintenance flowering plant that you can use to decorate desktops. They can be left for lengthy periods without needing much care. This plant is attractive with shiny heart-shaped leaves in varying shades of green. It is believed to bring luck, happiness, wealth and prosperity.

Additional Indio Indoor Plant Service To Consider

Create impact with beautiful, living art. Living walls are perfect for spaces where floor space for plants is limited. Or if you have expansive walls that need a unique pop of color and texture, a living green wall is a wonderful option. We have a system that is best for your vertical space.

Moss Walls

If you prefer less care and maintenance but love the biophilic feel of a green wall, moss walls may be for you. Because moss comes in many colors, we can customize your wall to enhance your interior design.

Faux Or Replica Plants

Sometimes live plants are simply not possible for your workspace – either because growing conditions are not ideal or you don’t want the maintenance that comes with having plants in your office. We offer the next best thing. We can carry a large assortment of lifelike replica plants that you can choose from.

Just as we have a Indio indoor plant service for live plants, we will also make sure that your faux plants and arrangements look neat and beautiful with our artificial plant cleaning program. You don’t have to worry at all.

Holiday Decor

Stressing on how to get your office looking festive for the holidays? Inside Plants can help. We have decorating services that make sure your halls are decked in boughs, holly, and more for the holidays. Our designers can create a holiday theme for your office (or home) with pre-decorated trees, wreaths and garlands, as well as festive, live indoor holiday plants and flowers. All are available for lease. The best thing is we set it up for you. We will also take them down and out of your office after the holidays or upon request. No fuss, no stress.

Short Term Plant Rental For Special Events

Need to stage a model home or a home for sale with plants? Or is your company hosting a conference or joining an exhibit? We will make your special event come to life with unique plantscapes. Why settle for ordinary and boring when you can have the beautiful and extraordinary? Our designers will create a plant layout that fits your requirements and budget.
So, if you are looking for a reputable company to help make your office space come to life with greenery and foliage, Inside Plants can make it all possible with our affordable Indio indoor plant service.

Holiday Decor Christmas Wreath

Make your Holidays stress-free. Hire Inside Plants to create, set-up and take down your Holiday Plants and Decorations. This Holiday season will be the best.

Benefits Of Having Plants In Your Indio, CA Commercial Building

Indoor Plant Design Living Wall

Ever heard of sick building syndrome? This is a condition that affects many people who work in indoor office situations. While people think that staying indoors can protect them from pollution, this is actually the opposite. In fact, indoor air can be 12 times polluted than outdoor air. Why is this? Indoor air is merely recirculated and may contain contaminants that come from common items found in the office – clothing, carpeting, cleaning chemicals, and even furniture.

Poor air quality in offices affects productivity, health, and wellbeing of employees. What are the common symptoms they can experience? Headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, allergies, skin irritation, and dryness. Numerous studies show that the addition of a Indio indoor plant service to any situation brings many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Healthier Air. Plants serve as natural air filters. They significantly reduce the concentration of harmful volatile compounds in the air while releasing oxygen. Plants reduce the presence of airborne mold spores and bacteria by up to 60%. In addition, they serve as natural humidifiers by releasing water into the air and creating a comfortable atmosphere for building occupants.
  • Reduced Stress Levels. Studies also show that having plants in the workplace contribute to a significant reduction of stress among workers. The addition of green and flowering plants contribute largely to lifting employee spirits and promote wellbeing and performance.
  • Increased Productivity. People who see plants while sitting at their office desk were found to have better productivity. In fact, studies show that employee productivity is increased by as much as 15%, even there are only a handful of plants introduced in the workplace.
  • Reduced Noise Levels. Plants have the excellent ability to absorb sounds thus reducing the distracting effects of background office chatter and sounds. A Indio indoor plant service can help increase employee concentration and productivity.

With the benefits of having plants in the office, the question now is “can you afford not to have them?”

What Does Indio Indoor Plant Service Include?

Our team of plant care experts ensures that your plants remain as healthy as possible or we replace them at no cost to you. We safely do the following actions to make your plants stay beautiful and fresh. We do the following quietly without interruption to your home or business.

  • Water appropriately
  • Fertilize when needed
  • Prune and trim
  • Pot and repot
  • Dust and shine
  • Do pest control when necessary

High Quality, Affordable Plants

We have a wide variety of decorative plants and planters available for sale or for rent. So whether you like to create an indoor tropical oasis, a desert-themed plantscape or a serene oriental garden, Inside Plants can do it for you.

Ask about our rental programs that make an affordable option when buying your own plants. This Indio indoor plant service includes decorative plants, unique planters, and guaranteed maintenance. With this option, you can have all the office or houseplants you want without draining your wallet.

Certified Interior Landscape Technicians

It is easy to put together plants and place them wherever in your space. The question is, will it be beautiful and will you be happy with it? Our team is composed of experts in interior plantscaping. They create a design for you that is well thought of and therefore, timeless and elegant. They take into consideration all your ideas and turn these into reality using decorative plants that are appropriate for your space.

Customer Satisfaction A Top Priority

Because we believe that happy customers are the best walking advertisements, we make sure that our clients are given the best service.

Integrity And Honesty Core Values

At Inside Plants, we are committed to our word. We do what we promise. We do not offer excuses, only solutions and concrete action.

Topnotch Decorative Plant Care And Maintenance

Give your plants the care that they deserve. We will do everything to keep your plants are healthy as possible or we replace them – at no cost to you or your company. Services include watering your plants to perfection, pruning and trimming to make sure the plants grow and stay lush, fertilizing, dusting, and if necessary, doing pest control to keep them beautiful and fresh.

Full Range Of Services

If you need creative solutions to your plant requirements, Inside Plants is the company to call for your decorative Indio indoor plant service needs. Aside from plants and unique indoor plantscape design service, we also have:

  • Living walls and preserved moss walls
  • Holiday decor
  • Plants for your special events (weddings, parties, conventions, conferences, etc)
  • Faux or artificial plants
Plant Care Questions Droopy Plant

A droopy plant is something you will never see when you invest in an formidable Indio indoor plant service. Let’s bring your space to life today.

Ideal Indoor Decorative Plants

Indoor Plants

Color and vibrant looks bring life to you home or office. Let’s put the WOW! factor into your Indio, CA residence or business this season.

As an expert decorative Indio indoor plant service company, we offer you plant selections that are not only beautiful but will thrive in your indoor space – whether they are for your office, warehouse, hotel lobby, or your home’s atrium. Here are some of our suggestions:

Plants For Low Maintenance Care

There are plenty of options for plants that make your interior landscaping beautiful while being easy to care for. Here are our suggestions:

  • Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)
  • Philodendron (Philodendron)
  • ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas)
  • Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)
  • Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens)

Plants For Reducing Pollutants

Plants are not only decorative, but they also serve a very important role in improving air quality in enclosed, indoor spaces. They filter out toxic compounds, improve humidity and removes harmful allergens from the air. Here are a few examples:

  • Rubber Tree Plant (Ficus elastic)
  • Corn Plant (Dracaena fragrant)
  • English Ivy (Hedera helix)
  • Aloe (Aloe vera)
  • Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii)

Plants That Add Color

If you are looking for pops of color, consider these plants too:

  • Geranium (Pelargonium)
  • Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis)
  • Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)
  • Cape Primroses (Streptocarpus)
  • African Violet (Saintpaulia)

There are countless possibilities and Inside Plants interior landscapers will help you choose the best combination suited for your space.

Indio Plant Rentals For Home Or Office

Add a dose of freshness and boost your office interior with Indio office plant rental. Inside Plants offers tailor-made and affordable office plant rental programs that lets you have all the plants and planters you need for your workplace without breaking the bank. What makes our plant rental programs the best?

You get these with Inside Plants Indio office plant rental program:

  • Plants and Planters. We have a wide variety of affordable and beautiful plants.
  • Guaranteed Maintenance. When you sign up for any of our plant rental programs, there will be a guaranteed maintenance service for your plants to be always lush and green. Our plant care experts will prune and trim, water, and fertilize your plants so they remain as healthy as possible. Or, we replace them with no additional charge.
  • Customized Design. We don’t follow a certain template because each space is unique. Our talented team of certified interior landscapers will design a plantscape that suits your workplace. Here is a few ways a Indio indoor plant service achieves this:
  • Listening. We listen to your ideas and incorporate them into the final layout of your plants.
  • Interior Conditions. We ensure the plants we install can adapt well to the growing conditions of your space. The amount of natural light available, humidity levels, and temperature are considered.
  • Style Sensitivity. We make sure that plants complement and not clash with your office interior design. You are sure to get a beautiful, timeless, and elegant design.

Inside Plants has been providing exceptional service since 1978. You can be sure that when it comes to indoor plants and plant service, we know what we are talking about. Your satisfaction is our priority and we work hard to make customer experience the best as possible.

Trends In Interior Landscaping

Here are some of the new things people are incorporating into a Indio indoor plant service:


“Locavore Movement”, a challenge that urges people to buy food locally, has influenced the trend of adding ornamental edibles into interior landscaping. Many edibles are not only delicious but are also pleasing and aromatic. That’s aromatherapy at its freshest! Examples of edibles that make good indoor plants are sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, peppers, kale, cabbage, edible flowers, and salad greens. These can be grown either in raised beds or on windowsills. Or, imagine a living wall of herbs and lettuce!

Outdoor Rooms

While technically not interior landscaping, the number of office complexes that incorporate outdoor rooms increases. Aside from plants such as bamboo, palms, or ornamental grasses, outdoor rooms include comfortable seating and water features that promote relaxation. Ask our team of experts at Inside Plants about these and other design features for your space. As a topnotch Indio indoor plant service company, we stay updated on trends to give you the latest in interior landscaping.

Best House Plants

There are so many selections we offer for your office or home. Call us today for a free consultation. We are confident we will create the oasis you envision.


Tropical Plants For Your Indio Indoor Plant Service

Tropical Interior Plants

Let’s get tropical this year! Bring the color and life of the tropics to your Indio home or office and make everyone smile.

Achieving Indio tropical interiors is an art. We use a variety of different elements that help create a lush, tropical feel. Potted palms, ferns or ficus trees, and some lively, bold-colored flowers can transform your drab space to a beautiful and exotic paradise. Listed below are some of the plants we use to create just the right atmosphere:

  • Orchids. This beauty is a perfect addition to your tropical garden. They may be a bit tricky to handle but Inside Plants has the expertise to provide the care necessary should you decide to add this to your indoor plantscape.
  • Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia). Nothing screams “tropical” more than this flowering plant because of its bold blue and orange colors. Although it may look too exotic, it surprisingly adapts well indoors and is easy to cultivate.
  • Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia). This is a true tropical plant that adds beauty to any interiors with its unique patterned leaves – yellow colors near the plant veins that turn dark green toward the leaf margin. Then, along the leaf’s body, there are ribbons and spots of yellow and green.
  • Bromeliads. This is another low maintenance option if you want to add a splash of color to your Indio tropical interiors.
  • Palm Trees. When you say tropics, the first thing that comes to mind are palm trees swaying in the wind. Inside Plants can recreate that image in your space because there are palms that are easy to grow indoors.
  • Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica). Although not an actual tree, this plant has large green leaves that make a great addition to a tropical indoor garden. They make great indoor plants because they do well under low light conditions

These are just a few of the wonderful tropical plants that Inside Plants can incorporate into your Indio indoor plant service. Our expert indoor landscape technicians will carefully assess your space and help you select plants suited for your particular situation.