Inside Plants provides interior plants for hundreds of offices, warehouses, corporate lobbies and other commercial clients in Riverside County and San Bernardino County. We will assist in selecting, designing and maintaining your office plants for any office space. As a result, you can expect the best in interior plants suited to your specific commercial needs. With our guaranteed commercial indoor plant service, we can ensure that your plants will always look beautiful!

Healthy, beautiful plants inside and right outside your office raise the look and feel of your commercial space. Imagine a utility that actually makes the air cleaner and looks amazing. They also lower stress levels by lowering blood pressure and cortisol levels. Scientific studies have proven that spending time with plants helps in relieving stress.

Interior Office Plant Services and Design

When to comes to interior plant designing, we’ve got you covered. Depending on your specific needs, we will create a program that fits. We start by looking at the key factors of your office space. For example, what kind of natural lighting do you get? What kind of interior design do you have? What does your budget allow? Upon taking these key factors into account, we get started. We prepare a comprehensive and custom indoor landscape design and commercial indoor plant service proposal just for your specific interior plant needs.

Your proposal will offer you the option to purchase or rent all the suggested plants and decorative planters. And of course, to ensure that your investment stays beautiful, we will give you the cost for the guaranteed commercial indoor plant service. From multi-million-dollar Riverside County and San Bernardino County office buildings to small office spaces, we can customize a commercial indoor plant design that works.

Commercial Indoor Plant Service Details

Upon selecting your interior plants and their placement in optimal locations, our technicians visit regularly. They service each plant. They water, fertilize, clean, shine, prune and trim. As a result, every plant stays as healthy as possible. We make sure that your office, corporate lobby or other commercial location has a fresh and fabulous look. If a plant is beginning to lose its vitality, we will replace it quickly. AND at no additional charge! We guarantee all plants look and stay healthy all the time or we replace them for FREE*.

*This does not apply to flowering plants.

Commercial Indoor Plant Rentals

If budget is a concern, you can request a quote for our rental program. Yep, just like renting a car, you can rent your plants and planters. Your quote will include the plants and planters suggested and, of course, the guaranteed maintenance. It’s a win-win!

Commercial Office Plant Rentals in Riverside County

Plants of all types and sizes are available with a commercial indoor plant service. Different colors and styles can enhance your office space today.

Why Have Indoor Office Plants?

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower facilities costs
  • Lower employee benefits costs
  • Positive reaction to your company & your product or service

According to the Environmental Protection Agency

  • More employee productivity and lower costs
  • Plants help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and stress levels in employees
  • Healthy plants increase productivity by as much as 12% & lowers absenteeism
  • Interior plants keep humidity levels at an optimal range for human health, comfort, and facility maintenance

Indoor Plants Improve the Air, Reduce Illnesses

  • Foliage cools the air and exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen
  • Plants remove pollutants from the air in a closed environment
  • Interior plants remove airborne molds in a closed office environment by as much as 50%
  • Greenery helps prevent colds, flu, and illnesses commonly exchanged among coworkers in a poorly ventilated office

Better For Your Customers

  • Plants create a welcoming atmosphere
  • Interior plants convey that your staff cares about its customers
  • Clients will tend to do business with a business whose environment exudes “comfort” and “caring”
  • Your customers will visit longer & more frequently, and are willing to pay about 12% more for goods

Plants In the Lobby Can Change the Ambiance and Feel of a Space

You don’t have to be an environmental psychologist to understand that plants look attractive. But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that lobby plant benefits go far beyond their aesthetic appeal. Recent research has shown that indoor plants are good for buildings and people in a variety of subtle ways. Plants provide more than a decorative touch to the indoor environment. Consider some lobby and entryway commercial indoor plant benefits.

Plants Increase Well-Being

Imagine walking into an office and seeing an amazing display of plants and foliage. The feeling is inspiring and uplifting. Most people seem to have a firm connection with flowers, plants, and trees, which is why we like to have them in our work place and our office. The Biophilia hypothesis – which suggests that we have a connection with and love of nature – is just as true when we’re at work. Most of us know instinctively that being close to the greenery provided by a commercial indoor plant service makes us feel more at ease with our surroundings.

Less Stress

We experience less stress when there are plants around us. Office plants ensure buildings are quieter and more relaxed but, at the same time, more stimulating and interesting. A substantial body of academic research has shown conclusively that commercial indoor plant service for the office has dramatic effects on the well-being of Riverside County and San Bernardino County building occupants.

Plants and Tranquil Environment

Interior landscaping plays a vital role in providing a pleasant and tranquil environment in which to move, work or relax. Commercial indoor plant service areas bring people together and create an environment for cooperation and collaboration. Visual contact with nature reduces the fatigue associated with intense concentration. Plants can help to replenish the attentional system so people can refocus quickly after short “nature” breaks (R. & S. Kaplan 1990, 1995). Live plants can brighten any hotel lobby, office space entryway and lobby, or restaurant entry, and offer many healthful benefits. The biophilic properties of plants are proven to alleviate stress, inspire productivity, and create a more healthful work atmosphere.

San Bernardino County Commercial Indoor Plant Service for Lobby

Imagine walking into an office and seeing an amazing display of plants and foliage. The feeling is inspiring and uplifting.

Riverside County Office Building Lobby Decorated with Commercial Plants

Flowers and beautiful green plants greet employees and guests upon arrival. The impact is amazing while the plants also clean the air.

Plants Improve Economics and Perceived Value

Indoor plants in hospitality and retail settings are also proven to increase the perceived value of the surrounding products and services. In addition to looking good and making people happy, office plants add a sense of luxury and prestige to a space. People subconsciously associate tropical plants with success and feel more confident in working and dealing with companies that have plants in their indoor environment.

Riverside County Office Building Lobby Decorated with Commercial Plants
Flowers and beautiful green plants greet employees and guests upon arrival. The impact is amazing while the plants also clean the air.
As a result, these plants are often used in the finest hotels, restaurants, office building lobbies, and high-end luxury homes. Most successful corporate headquarters and prestigious office buildings have a commercial indoor plant service.

Indoor plants play an important role in interior design. Plants are a living element that is portable, growing, and ever-changing, for a fraction of the cost of a new wall or architectural element.

  • Provide function and form while looking beautiful.
  • Add color to complement any décor.
  • Enhance the design without interfering with other important design elements.

A commercial indoor plant service can implement plant displays that are especially useful as space design and management aids in commercial buildings. The plants can form natural screens and partitions, ideal in open-plan settings. They help guide people around a space. Most plants in individual pots can be moved as the needs of the tenants and visitors change, something most walls cannot do.

Plants Create Visual Depth and Delineate Spaces

Large, cavernous spaces, such as building lobbies and shopping malls, can seem intimidating and uninviting. People can feel exposed in big, empty spaces, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. Introducing a commercial indoor plant service can interrupt that space with plants, creating visual depth and breaking the space into smaller, cozier, more appealing areas. Plants can act as room dividers, creating smaller, more intimate spaces within a building lobby where people can meet and review their notes prior to attending a business meeting. Tall ceilings can also be daunting and make a visitor feel small and vulnerable. Introducing tall plants with a canopy of foliage into such a setting creates a “false ceiling” by visually lowering the space overhead.

As an example, tall, well-spaced ficus trees can turn a large lobby or shopping mall into an inviting indoor garden space. Introducing a 15-foot-tall ficus tree in a space with 50-foot ceilings can visually bring the ceiling down to a more manageable 12- to a 15-foot height. The heavier the canopy of foliage included in a commercial indoor plant service, the greater the reduction in perceived overhead space. Tall palm trees and shorter tree ferns effectively bring the visual ceiling of this space down to a more comfortable level in two stages. The airiness of the canopy keeps these two levels from being too heavy.

Plants Change the Acoustics and Muffle Sound

Plants help to reduce the amount of noise without altering the overall design of the space in several ways. Research has shown that indoor plants are effective in absorbing sound, especially in rooms with a lot of hard surfaces and very little upholstery or cloth. This results in improved acoustics by reflecting and diffracting sound waves, making the interior space less noisy and more inviting.

Add Color and Contrast

Plants can add splashes and dashes of color to an otherwise monotone setting. We think of plants as being green, yet there are many shades of green. Leaves can vary from deep green to olive green, blue-green, silver-green, or neon-lime green, to name a few possibilities. Just as spices add interest to a meal, plants add color and interest in subtle or more vivid ways. A plants leaves can be variegated white, silver, yellow, red, purple, or orange, or even have markings in multiple colors in the case of croton foliage, as an example. Vibrant-colored plants stand out while darker shades of green or deep maroon recede, adding depth and acting as a background in plant groupings. Juxtaposing plants of different shades adds more allure and visual appeal in masses of plants.

So plants fulfill many needs in the interior design and function of an office building. A commercial indoor plant service costs less than expensive artwork and far less than the construction costs of building new walls or lowering the ceiling. Yet they contribute so much more, improving our health, lowering our stress, and improving the way our brain works. No other living element in the built environment gives back so much while looking beautiful.

San Bernardino County Lobby with Plants provided by a Commercial Indoor Plant Service

The air is so clean from all the plants, trees and foliage. Bring the outside into your San Bernardino office lobby and workspace with plants.

Riverside County Commercial Indoor Plant Service Moss Walls and Plant Walls Reduce Noise

All quiet here! Commercial plant walls and moss walls reduce the noise in an office setting. Cleaner air, lower noise and higher productivity, what more could your employees as for?

Best Plants to Boost Productivity

Workplace stress is a serious concern for many companies. Studies show that the percentage of Americans found to be extremely stressed at work range between 29 to 40 percent. And these figures continue to rise. As stress levels rise, worker productivity suffers. Businesses suffer billions of dollars annually in lost work hours and medical bills. Whether you’re a small or big business, this is an important issue – How do you ease stress and increase worker productivity? An effective way to increase productivity and decrease downtime in the office is to introduce greenery and plants to your workplace by investing in a commercial indoor plant service. This is backed by countless studies.

In the UK, an Exeter University study showed that plants in the workplace increased productivity by 15%. Working in a “green” office with better air quality, employees were more engaged and had higher concentration levels. It seems just looking at nature can shift the brain into an altered processing mode. This allows workers to be more relaxed and thus they are better able to concentrate. On the other hand, an interesting US study found that lack of interaction with nature and having no natural light in the office was the cause of 10% of employee sick days.

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

Sick building syndrome is something that afflicts many employees that work regularly in indoor office complexes. It can affect productivity, health and well being of employees and ultimately business profits. Headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, allergies, skin irritation, and dryness are just some of the serious health impacts from poor indoor air quality. When people experience these acute symptoms associated with poor indoor air quality, health authorities refer to their condition as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

The Environmental Protection Agency defines sick building syndrome as “situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified. The symptoms tend to go away when those that suffer from them are no longer exposed to the building space. Sick building syndrome accounts for over 50 billion dollars a year in health costs, productivity and absenteeism.

What Causes Sick Building Syndrome

Sick building syndrome can be attributed to indoor air pollutants known as Volatile Organic Chemicals also called VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are byproducts of a variety of materials and processes that contribute to indoor air pollution. The most common VOCs posing a risk to health are formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. Materials including wood, household chemicals, and plastics used in furniture and various other indoor products can release harmful compounds and gases affecting indoor air quality. Other contributors include cigarette smoke, mold and bacteria, cooking, dander from pets, and cleaning products. Sick building syndrome can also be caused by poor air circulation or ventilating outdoor air pollutants, such as exhaust, into the building.

Cure The Sick Building

While sick building syndrome is a problem for many companies, a commercial indoor plant service can help. The average person spends nearly 90 percent of their time inside, predominantly in homes, offices and schools. The right choice of office plants can be an excellent way of improving indoor air quality and general health. There are traditional strategies to improve indoor air quality such as adequate ventilation and the removal of materials causing pollution. However, commercial indoor plant service represents a strategy to provide healthier indoor air.

Plants Are Office Air Filters

As natural air filters, plants can significantly reduce the concentration of VOCs and other harmful substances in indoor environments while enriching the oxygen content of the air. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) studies concluded that plants are capable of reducing the presence of airborne mold spores and bacteria by up to 60%. There are further advantages of having plants indoors which include significant physical health benefits. Plants filter harmful substances out of the air and encourage healthy living conditions, acting as natural humidifiers by emitting water vapor and creating a comfortable atmosphere for building occupants.

While any plant grown inside will help improve overall air quality, some are particularly useful in removing airborne contaminants. Living plants can help combat sick building syndrome by purifying the air in indoor environments. Tropical plants are particularly good at removing VOCs from the air through natural processes. Studies conducted by NASA have found that at least one living plant per 100 square feet of floor space can help clean air in an office building. More concentrated living plants will remove VOCs at a higher rate.

Common Plants Included

Common commercial indoor plant service includes the peace lily, bromeliads, philodendrons, pothos, English ivy, and Dracaena. These are some of the indoor plants that are efficient at removing VOCs. The VOCs removed include formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and trichloroethylene. Indoor plants concentrated in problem areas can help relieve the symptoms of sick building syndrome.

Riverside County Employee in a Sick Building that Needs Plants

Sick building syndrome can cause employee headaches and lower productivity. Adding a commercial indoor plant service can bring the health back to your office today.