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Commercial Indoor Plant Services

INSIDE PLANTS, INC. provides interior plants for hundreds of offices, warehouses, corporate lobbies and other commercial clients. We will assist in selecting, designing and maintaining your plants for any space. As a result, you can expect the best in indoor plants suited to your specific needs and with our guaranteed plant maintenance, we can insure that your plants will always look beautiful!

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When to comes to interior plant designing, we’ve got you covered. Depending on your specific needs, we will create a program that fits. We start by looking at the key factors. For example, what kind of natural lighting do you get? What kind of interior design do you have? What does your budget allow? Upon taking these key factors into account, we get started. We compile a comprehensive and custom design just for your specific interior plant needs. Your proposal will offer you the option to purchase all the suggested plants and decorative planters. And of course, to ensure that your investment stays beautiful, we will give you the cost for the guaranteed maintenance. From multi-million-dollar office buildings to small office spaces, we can customize a design that works.

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Upon selecting your indoor plants and their placement in optimal locations, our technicians visit regularly. They service each plant. They water, fertilize, clean, shine, prune and trim. As a result, every plant stays as healthy as possible. We make sure that your office, corporate lobby or other commercial location has a fresh and fabulous look. If a plant is beginning to lose its vitality, we will replace it quickly. AND at no additional charge! We guarantee all plants look and stay healthy all the time or we replace them for FREE*.

*This does not apply to flowering plants.

Long-term corporate plant and planter rentals - Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino


If budget is a concern, you can request a quote for our rental program. Yep, just like renting a car, you can rent your plants and planters. Your quote will include the plants and planters suggested and, of course, the guaranteed maintenance. It’s a win-win!

And check out our short-term New Client Special for small offices!

Whether buying or renting, we provide the best in quality plants and decorative planters. And, at INSIDE PLANTS, you don’t just get the great plant care, you get great customer service.

And Remember, we don’t want you to get caught with your plants down!