Not everyone wants or can have living plants in their home or office. And, really, sometimes, a living plant will not work in the location that needs a plant. Relax, Inside Plants can take care of that! We offer a wide variety of faux (also called artificial, silk or replica) plants to choose from that will customize that special San Bernardino County or Riverside County location with our Indoor artificial plant services.

Artificial Trees and Plants

From large preserved trees and palms to grasses and amazingly real succulents and orchid arrangements, we can provide a lasting and unique look that will stay beautiful for years to come. Our trained designer will work with you to select the perfect plant and planter for your location. And we can also clean those great plants and arrangements for you with our artificial plant cleaning program. Please call us for details.

Last week we talked to our founder, Heddy Salerno, about what makes for a successful office plant. And we got great suggestions! But the truly plant-challenged among us were waiting for another type of plant to be mentioned- the fake kind. But is that cheating? Faux greenery is so realistic these days. Surely it plays a role in the world of home and office décor. We went to the plant whisperer in chief to get her thoughts.

Indoor Artificial Pants Before and After

Artificial plants can add a live healthy look to your business without any of the allergies or upkeep. Faux plants can be a great solution for your Riverside County office.

Would Mother Nature Disown Me if I Went With Artificial Plants?

Boy, big question. Live plants are just so much better for you. Do you know that they can improve your employee productivity by over 12%? That they reduce absenteeism and sick building syndrome? These are actual NASA facts! And live plants bring you oxygen. The takeaway: don’t give up too easily. The benefits of actual living, breathing plants range from simple – more oxygen in the environment, to complex – fighting the effects of modern construction materials in airtight buildings. Maybe the positive effects are worth learning to work a watering can.

So, Is That A No on Faux?

There is a place for artificial faux plants. If your lighting is really low (a bathroom with low light, a very dark room or a conference room that rarely gets used) then a faux plant is the best choice. Why install a plant into a place where you know it just will not work? You really don’t want it to die. And as professionals, we know what will and will not work. We can supply you with faux plants that look great. The takeaway: use your best judgment. Or even better, let us use ours! Inside Plants will evaluate the best places in your office or home to place greenery design-wise, and then choose the appropriate plants (live or faux) for the light level. We’ll make sure your space is attractive, healthy, and your plants are taken care of long-term.

Office Faux Plants

All the visual benefits without the allergies and maintenance of living plants. Faux plants can be a great solution when you have too little light but want the whole living look to come together.

Cavalry Church Plants Before and After

With faux plants the difference is amazing! No maintenance and everything looks as real as if you had to water them each week!

Faux Plants at Sochi Olympics Worked Well

Preparations for the Sochi Olympics have had problems, but silk plants are winning the gold!  In situations where you are busy managing other issues, and it sounds like the organizers have their hands full, low maintenance silk plants are perfect. With plant maintenance handled, they can move on to bathrooms without stalls, hotels without lobbies, and other issues journalists are tweeting about with the hashtag #sochiproblems. Attached to light poles, the silk plants in Sochi drew attention because they were flowering and thriving in cold conditions.  Had it been the summer Olympics, no one would have batted an eye, provided the silk plants are of good quality.

Artificial Plants Are a Good Solution

Inside Plants believes there is a place for faux plants greenery in interior plant design, and we use them where light really is too low for plants to thrive.  Very dark rooms, and bathrooms can be brightened up with a silk plant. Wondering where in your home or office to put plants? Not ready to give up on the health benefits of live plants? Professional help can save you money by not buying plants that won’t live, and or putting greenery where it won’t thrive.

One tip we can share, and we wish the Sochi Olympics organizers had asked: Silk plants do need to be cleaned occasionally, so make sure they are easily accessible in your workplace.  Like maybe not on top of a lamppost.

To learn more about the use of silk plants in your San Bernardino County or Riverside County home or office, or discuss any indoor office plant maintenance issues, please contact us.