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Indoor Plant Design Trends

Top Indoor Plant Design Trends

Indoor plants have become incredibly popular around the world as many of us are realizing the benefits to our health and productivity.  This year, in 2019, the trend is to go bigger, bolder, and look more alive.

Since most of us now are living and working in densely populated urban environments, it is a bit difficult to find enough time to spend in a natural green space.

So aside from the many health and well-being benefits, indoor plants are now being used to make commercial and business places more stylish and modern by bringing nature inside to us.

Ferns the new “it” plant in 2019

Indoor Plant Design Trends Ferns

Well, like any other trend,  some will have the limelight for a season,  but there will always be new players every year.  So for the past year, the fiddle leaf fig has been the hot indoor plant, but now is the time to say goodbye for a bit and welcome ferns as the new top trend in 2019.

Why are ferns the next big  indoor design plant trend? Ferns are perfect for any decor theme.  They are very flexible, and can easily go very big and bold as is the trend this year.  Finally, they’re lush, green and will work well as a statement feature plant almost anywhere indoors.

The mix-up

Another trend in indoor landscaping for 2019 is how plants are grouped inside the room.  This means creating a space which will be the green focal point for multiple plants. They should be grouped together, providing a focal point for the room, and they can also function as a good source of color in a neutral color scheme.

Now comes in the mix up.  For 2019, the new trend is displaying plants in a grouping using different coloured pots in different sizes, playing with scale and height too.

Lush, green Living Walls are stylish and trendy

Indoor Plant Design Trend Living Wall

So, you want indoor plants, but just don’t have the floor space?  Well, let’s put them on the wall! Living Green walls are still  the new thing. They work well as a beautiful unusual focal point for a room as well as providing a beautiful backdrop.

Depending on location, these great pieces of art can really add to your interior.  Not only are they alive

but they can be adjusted anytime to show multiple intricate designs to suit the taste of your commercial space or office.

There is a reason why the trend for lush and leafy living walls continues to grow. Urban garden spaces are more popular now as you might have seen it once or more than once in retail stores, restaurants and across different hotels. They are attention grabbing and can add texture to your commercial space. It is very stylish by transforming a dull room into an extravagant extension of your outdoor space.

Using mature plants like ferns and grasses can make styling more effective.  Here are some plants you should put on your list:

Indoor Plant Design Trends Planters


Perfectly pretty bouncy leaves full of texture are what draws us to calatheas.  If you need small indoor plants which have a big impact, then one of these in a white or clay pot will make for a wonderful way to add colorful play in any room.

They are also known as the zebra plant, due to their graphic striped leaves and are available in light greens, dark greens, and purple hues for the ultimate mix of riotous color.


Most of us are concerned with toxins in the air.   If this is one of your worries, then this plan is the jackpot for you.  Pothos are well known for their characteristic ability to purify air on a regular basis.  And they are just perfect for any business or home because they come in a variety of different colors.

Also known as devil’s ivy, the curling green tendrils of pothos will reach down; with the tendrils spilling from a plant stand, making for a stunning indoor plant design.  They are also a great option for hanging plants as they’ll add organic drama in a room effortlessly while taking little care or maintenance.

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus ferns are known as climbing ferns.  It is a vivid green plant which will look great growing from a suspended pot.  And because it grows abundantly, it can make your space look fuller so you have to make sure you put them in a large pot where they will have plenty of space to grow and flourish while adding a vivid and voluminous effect to your room.

Staghorn Fern

Another plant from the fern family which comes next on the list is the Staghorn fern.  It is definitely a work of art. Design wise this fern is easy to play with. A staghorn fern can intrigue your guests and visitors because it creates a focal point with it’s unusual shape and leaves.

Another unusual fact about the staghorn fern; It can live decades (you can even pass this plant on to your next generation- I mean how cool is that?)

There are still so many indoor plants you can choose from which are on trend this year. The most important thing is to consider space, sunlight and theme for the plants you choose in whatever indoor space you are enhancing.

Bring the trend to life and create your own piece of plant heaven with living wall planters. Find a living wall designer which can mount the best set of ferns and grasses you need to make your living space closer to nature.

Inside plants is the top-rated residential and commercial indoor plant care design and maintenance service in California.  We have been in the business for more than 40 years and are he experts in bringing the outdoors into your indoor space.

Call today and get a free consultation on how to make your home or business healthier and beautiful and on trend for 2019.

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