In 1978, I got fired from my job in Century City, CA as a medical assistant. And that’s when the entrepreneurial side took over. I had always been good at taking care of plants. (I had about 10 Creeping Charlies in macramé hanger in my apartment.)  So, I thought that maybe other people would like me to take care of their indoor plants. I began knocking on doors of commercial buildings. As a result, people started to say “Yes”. Well, before long, I had a bunch of indoor plant clients. Although now, I needed to learn more about business, especially the plant business. Since that became quite important to me, I went back to school. I took classes in botany, horticulture, interior design, floral design. Also, of course I took business and accounting. Later, I was able to ‘grow’ the business into an indoor plant care services team.

My Indoor Plant Care Services Grew Into A Great Team

In 1981, I moved to Norco. As a result, my indoor plant care business took off in the Inland Empire. Then in 2012, my Director of Operations (and husband), Mike and I moved to Palm Springs. Today, with an office in Corona and Palm Springs, we employ 15 people, who service over 350 clients. These clients range from Temecula to Victorville, from Orange County to Indio.

In 2004, I, along with two of my team, received our NALP Certified Landscape Technician Certification. My passion is plants and design. Although, I also love teaching. As a result, in 2008, I became one of the Trainers for Green Plants for Green Buildings in the “Authentically Green” program. Following, in 2015, my teaching efforts led to the “Advanced Living Walls” program.

I was the education chairperson for the Plantscape Industry Alliance for four terms. That led me to be instrumental in bringing technical training classes to the entire United States. Also, my position as one of their educators lasted for over six years. My love for teaching allows me to still teach privately to other interior plant maintenance companies.

In closing, when you are looking for experts in indoor plant care services and design, that’s what my team and I have become!

Heddy Salerno, Sales Manager