Professional Interior Landscaping in Southern California

Commercial Plant Services

Inside Plants provides interior plants for hundreds of offices, warehouses, corporate lobbies and other commercial clients in Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange County.

Residential Plant Services

We will assist in selecting, locating, placing and maintaining your plants – for any need, any space of your home. Whether it’s your full time residence or a vacation home, we can help!

Plants for Special Events

Have you ever toured a model home that was filled with live greenery? Did it allow you to imagine what the house would look like if you lived in it? The chances are, it did, plants warm up any space!

Living Green and Moss Walls

You want the benefits of indoor plants, but just don’t have the floor space? Well, let’s put it on the wall! Living Green walls, are all the rage! We work with you to create a custom piece of art!

Holiday Decorating Services

We offer holiday decorating services, featuring pre-decorated trees, wreaths and garlands for lease. We can also provide festive, live indoor plants and flowers. We do all the work, so you can have all the fun!

Faux (Silk) Plant Services

Not everyone wants or can have living plants in their home or office. And, really, sometimes, a living plant will not work in the location that needs a plant. We offer a wide array of faux (silk) plants for every occasion.

Interior Plant Services

Create A Healthy Environment with Indoor Plants Today

Inside Plants provides creative designs for both home and office using living plants to bring the freshness and beauty of the outdoors inside.

We provide services using a variety of interior plants for sale or rent, using both live and artificial in all of Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange County. We have a wide variety of decorative containers to compliment all interior plant designs and decor.

Our certified landscape technicians are trained in interior plant design and indoor plant maintenance. We work with you to make your vision come alive. Our indoor plant service ensures your office and home indoor plants look spectacular every day and remain healthy. Healthy plants create a healthy space for your employees or your family.

If you are looking for the most convenient way to bring your interior home or office to life, our team is here to help you. Have unique needs or specific plants in mind? No problem! We will work hard to provide the best indoor and office plants for your specific plant selections. Whether you seek indoor plant rentals, sales, or interior landscape design, we have the ideal solution for you.

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Founder Heddy Salerno and Inside Plants are proud members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, and Green Plants for Green Buildings.

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Heddy and her team of plant experts are the best in the business. I’ve been doing business with them for several years now and couldn’t be happier. My plants always look fantastic and the service I receive is top notch. I have recommended them to several people and have received nothing but positive feedback from all. If you need plant care for your home or office they’re the ones to call! – Erin S. on Yelp

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So Many Benefits

The Benefits of Having Indoor Plants

In the age of technology and industrialization, it makes us long for the days when trees adorned the streets. Who would turn down a vacation in Hawaii? A tropical paradise where trees and plants visit your eyes wherever you turn?

Sadly, we do have to work. Vacation won’t pay those bills. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have that tropical paradise atmosphere while working, then? Here are the benefits to having indoor plants in your Riverside County or San Bernardino County workplace.

Even More Benefits

An Affordable Indoor Plant Service Enhances the Office

Live plants are much less expensive than fine art, furniture, etc., and they never go out of style. Looking for affordable ideas to spruce up your boring white or beige walls? Try a moss or living wall!

Office plants are the best solution to the age-old problem of business owners who want to create and achieve that wonderful savvy looking and chic workplace. An indoor plant service is the easiest and best way to go since they are affordable, beneficial, healthy and good for the environment.

Indoor Plants Increase Focus and Productivity

Recent studies from various universities in the United States have shown that employees and students perform better when they are exposed to an environment with indoor plants. In a similar fashion, exposing your own workers to indoor plants and decorating your offices with plants will not only enhance the beauty of your workplace, but it will also absolutely increase your workers’ productivity by a significant percentage.

Health Benefits From Clean Air to Reducing Stress Levels

Having indoor plants for your workspace is also beneficial to your health. One, it gives the inhabitants cleaner and fresher air and secondly, it helps reduce stress levels and lowers blood pressure. Office plants filter the air, helping you breathe fresher air, and they decrease the high temperature as well.

They also lower stress levels by lowering blood pressure and cortisol levels. Scientific studies have proven that spending time with plants helps in relieving stress.

Positive Attitudes Increase with Indoor Plants

From as early as the Victorian era, it has long since been proven that you can never go wrong with having plants inside your homes and offices. Adorning your offices and commercial buildings with plants that liven up the atmosphere will increase the positivity by 200%.

Having plants inside your hallways, lobbies, and offices will help you create that positive vibe for your employees and your clients as well. Up your interior with those greens inside your building. Create a greenhouse-esque paradise in your office space so you and your employees can benefit and feel happier.