Interior Plant Special Events and Day Rentals

Ever toured a model home that was filled with live and artificial greenery? Did it allow you to imagine what the house would look like if you lived in it? Chances are,  it did. In fact, whenever interior plants are part of the look and feel, people are more likely to buy. The same goes for your home, office or special events. People simply feel better when beautiful plants and green foliage surround them. Now, when it comes to special events, nothing could be more true. In fact, a certain intensity of appreciation often results from the richness of arrayed interior plants on the scene. At INSIDE PLANTS, we get that. We make it more than our job to provide interior plant special events and day rentals. And that comes with planning and design. That’s right. We help with the interior landscaping and design.

Interior Plant Special Events and Day Rentals For Every Occasion

INSIDE PLANTS has extensive experience customizing interior landscaping for residential and model homes, as well as special events and staging. Our team of interiorscapers will add the final touches to bring your event to life. In fact, our interior plant special events and day rentals are available in a dazzling diversity of choices. You’ll find what your have in mind. What’s more, we’ll guide you and help design the whole plant layout for you.

What we do with interior plant special events and day rentals is nothing short of special! We know it has to be.  We know that model home, or that home staging to sell a home fast must make the best impression. Without beautifully arranged plants and flowers, it can easily amount to a tough sell. Although, our specialty doesn’t stop there. Jump on the INSIDE PLANTS bandwagon for any interior plant special events and day rentals you need. That includes weddings, parties, conventions and corporate functions. Also, don’t forget holiday decor! We’ve got you covered in that category. In fact, we are geared up to make an impact you will surely love and enjoy as the holidays approach! In addition, for any special event, we provide peace of mind with delivery and pickup. As a result, we help ensure your event goes smoothly and seamlessly.

*If you don’t see your event listed, just ask!

We bring your special event to life for:

interior plant special events and day rentals

  • Weddings
  • Staging (homes for sale, model homes)<l/i>
  • Parties
  • Conventions
  • Corporate Functions
  • Holiday Decor
  • Booths

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I can't say enough about the wonderful service I have had with Inside Plants. They are the only company that has kept my plants looking fresh and beautiful!