#1 Rated Indoor Plant Design and Care Service - Residential and Commercial


Indoor Plant Care

Once your plants have been selected and placed in the optimal locations, our team of professional technicians, many who are certified Landscape Technician – Interior, visit regularly to service each plant. They water, fertilize, clean, shine, prune and trim in order to keep every plant as healthy as possible.

Commercial Plants and Planters

From a large office building to a small warehouse office, we can customize a program, tailor-made to your particular requirements. We are the experts and will help you select the best program and plant selections for your interior plant needs.

Residential Plants and Planters

Your home is your castle, so why not make it look like one? We will select and provide plants and planters fit for royalty.

Special Events, Day Rentals and Staging

We have extensive experience customizing interior landscaping for residential and model homes as well as special events and staging. Our team of interiorscapers will add the final touches to bring your event to life.

Living Green Walls

No Space on the floor for plants? How about a living green wall? For interior or exterior uses, we have the system that would be best for your vertical space.

Holiday Décor

We offer holiday plant decorating services, featuring rentable pre-decorated trees, wreaths, and garlands, and other holiday accessories. Our talented floral and holiday designer can create a custom holiday interiorscape for your home or office.

Replica or Faux Plants

We know that sometimes live plants just don’t work in the locations that you want them to. We can fix that. We offer a large assortment of replica plants that look just like the live ones.

Long-term Plant and Planter Rentals

We offer plant rental programs that include plants, decorative planters, and guaranteed maintenance. Renting our plants and decorative planters is a cost efficient way to have all the office or house plants you want without paying a lot.

Moss Walls

Moss Walls are the newest form of Green Wall Art. You get that Biophilic feel without the care and maintenance of live plants. The moss comes in many colors which add to your interior design.

And remember, we don’t want you to get caught with your plants down!


What our customers are saying about our services…

Inside Plants 5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 5 user reviews.
Inside Plants
Inside Plants has been providing service to the Frontier Project since we opened in 2009. They worked with us and our interior design team to make sure the plants aligned with the design of the building. We are very happy with the service thery provide.
There staff is always friendly and a pleasure to have onsite and the plants are always well Maintained.