Romance With Bromiliads Part 2

BromeliadThe general rule is to water bromeliads, and when the soil around them is nearly dry, water them again.  Bromeliads’ leaves grow to form a natural reservoir around the base of the plant. If water collects in the reservoir and sits over time, the roots will rot. Remove water standing in the reservoir to keep the plant free of disease. These plants prefer moist air, so if relative humidity drops below 50 percent, mist the plant to keep it moist.

Bromeliads generally do not have problems with pests. If a dark mold from scale develops on the leaves, remove the mold with soapy water. Mosquitoes may become a problem if the water at the base of the plant is not drained regularly.

Under effective conditions, bromeliads will blossom with showy flowers. You can force mature plants to flower by placing the plant in a clear plastic bag with a ripe apple. Gases released by the apple will prompt the bromeliad to blossom. Remove the bag from the plant, and water it as usual. You can expect the plant to flower in six to 14 weeks.

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Romance With Bromiliads Part 2
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