Rent or Buy Holiday Plants That Keep On Giving

Rent or Buy Holiday Plants That Keep On Giving During this holiday season, many of you benefited from festive plant decorating through us at INSIDE PLANTS. We want to point out even more benefits you can reap from your plant adornments. In fact, we think it’s a great idea to keep living plants in your decorating collection. If you don’t have some now, think of getting them. That way, you can enjoy their beauty and health benefits throughout the coming year! As you may already know, rent or buy holiday plants that keep on giving from us. We want to promote them in this way. Frankly, we know just how much they lift and improve an interior space. In fact, you gain great, consistent beauty and indoor air quality. Stale and toxic elements fade. Health benefits increase. And, all you need are those living indoor plants attractively stationed!

Rent or Buy Holiday Plants That Keep On Giving From INSIDE PLANTS

Many of you have rented living plants for you holiday decorating from us. Some of these can be re-dressed for after-the-holidays. For example, the beauty of red Antheriums and Bromeliads easily translates into holiday and after-holiday decor.  The red and green leaves of the Croton do the same. In addition, these plant types love the indoors! In fact, give them shade and a little indirect sunlight, and they flourish. Rent or buy holiday plants that keep on giving, such as these. Keep that prime office or home interior vibe going. It’s easy to do with INSIDE PLANTS helping. We plan, design and maintenance the whole interior plant project.

When you keep it going with an INSIDE PLANTS yearly plant rental, you get over-the-top benefits in cost savings. You get the same in maintenance. You get our expert advice and interior design. Then, you get peace of mind! We’ll take you past the holidays, into 2017. We’ll take you there with natural beauty and style uninterrupted around you.

We think nothing says more about the intelligent style and beauty of a place than living plants. In fact, they’re just naturally gorgeous! Leave the styling and maintenance to us. We’ll leave the enjoyment and health benefits to you! Give us a call. Keep that sense of beauty and style going past the holidays. (800) 376-4637

Rent or Buy Holiday Plants That Keep On Giving