People Have Natural Tendencies for Biophilia

People Have Natural Tendencies for Biophilia People have natural tendencies for biophilia. That may be a new word to many. Although, don’t let it baffle you. It simply means that humans naturally want to connect with other forms of life. It’s just a fact. We do so without thinking all the time. For some, it’s having dogs or cats as pets. For others, maybe it’s having fish. Although, for a huge number of us, it includes a love of plants. So, when you find the term, biophilia used on, it’s all about the natural desire and even need for having plants around.

People Have Natural Tendencies for Biophilia and Enjoying Plants

Some definitions of biophilia say it’s a passionate love for life and everything alive. Here at INSIDE PLANTS, our passion focuses on plants. In addition, we bring that passion to sharing the beauty of plants with everyone. In fact, we extend our indoor plant rentals, leasing, sales and maintenance services to all businesses, homes, holiday decorating and special events. We know people have natural tendencies for biophilia. We know plants provide a lot of enjoyment and beauty. And, we know the real value of having them around. For example, they totally beautify an office work space. Also, they actually improve worker productivity. Last but not least, plants actually improve indoor air quality.

It’s true that we humans are innately attracted to natural things. Many of us love the outdoors. Although, even if we aren’t outdoor lovers, we couldn’t imagine the world without plants. And what a staggering amount of them the world has! At INSIDE PLANTS, we have first hand knowledge into how many stunning types of plant life make up earth’s biosphere. As a result, our plant selection is huge. What’s more, we’ll even interior design your vision for office, home, special event or holiday plants.

Enjoying Living Plants Adds to Enjoying Life

From our point of view, it’s not a question of why people have natural tendencies for biophilia. It’s a question of making sure they can keep connecting with living plants. In fact, humans seem to need that. It’s quite true that we have plants to thank for the air we breathe. With the indoors in mind, that becomes even more key. Yes, indoor plants help keep all that recycled air fresh and free of a lot of pathogens!

In this modern age, we spend most of our time indoors. Think about it. We’re at the office, then at home. As a result, we need to bring living plants in with us! We need to do that for a fuller, healthier, more productive life. That’s our take. Also, we plan to keep making it a reality. We’ll do that for all our clients. Give us a call. Start enjoying living plants and nurturing your biophilia.

People Have Natural Tendencies for Biophilia