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Palm Springs Indoor Plant Installation and Maintenance

Palm Springs Indoor Plant Installation and MaintenanceINSIDE PLANTS has our satellite office in Palm Springs, California. Recently at it, we had the honor of having an open house with ribbon cutting. Our showroom was on display. Also, we welcomed the recognition. At the same time, we really enjoyed mixing with a lot of great people. It helped make us even more rooted in our commitment to provide the best solutions in Palm Springs indoor plant installation and maintenance. And, we’re not just all about the basics. As a result, we bring many years of know how and great skills in interior design.

INSIDE PLANTS serves all kinds of interior plant needs. These include holiday plant decorating and interior holiday plant accessories. They include interior plants special events and day rentals. By the way, that service also covers model homes and home staging. In fact, when it comes to commercial indoor plant rental and maintenance service, we stand out above the crowd.  We have some secret weapons – a lot of crowd pleasers!

Palm Springs Indoor Plant Installation and Maintenance Professionals

Our showroom gives you just an inkling of what we offer in Palm Springs interior plant products and services. Step into our facility and office. Find out how we build a custom plan for your unique needs. Find out how we plan to out do your expectations. For us, it’s simply what we do. Our philosophy mandates top quality and excellent service. In fact, that’s a mandate from start to finish! You get plant rental and sales options readily available. You get capable professionals that know their stuff. In addition, you get an interior plant design team that loves what they do. Last but not least, you get commitment. We do not consider the job done, until you enjoy full satisfaction in the results.

Some might consider our Palm Springs indoor plant installation and maintenance service a tough line of work to keep up with. We don’t! In fact, we think our stunning and wide array of plants do a lot of the selling and work for us. We find it a joy to work with them. We find it a joy working with many people in businesses, homes and special venues. Give us a call, (800) 376-4637. Let’s talk about your interior plant vision. In fact, let’s talk about your joy in seeing it fulfilled!

Palm Springs Indoor Plant Installation and Maintenance