Living Walls Provide Interior Office Design

Living Walls Provide Interior Office Design Business offices often include added interior design features with plants factored into the setting. Those features may include standalone, potted plants. They may include special landings and niches carved out for interior gardens. As a result, some special, office landscaping can come into play.  Although, one feature may get overlooked in the interior plant design process. What about the walls? They often don’t get much attention. But, wouldn’t it be nice if you could take them to the next level too? That’s where living walls come in. Living walls provide interior office design of another kind. In a unique category all their own, living walls can provide stunning effects where you may not expect them. They do this on otherwise featureless and bland walls. In fact, living walls may be all you need in balance and beauty for the office.

Living Walls Provide Interior Office Design With Space Savings

Living Walls Provide Unique Interior Office Design Living walls, or green walls provide an effect that can be quite compact. At the same time, it can be quite dramatic. Although, if you want plush, you can have that too. These plant designs also allow for space savings. Since they typically rely on the existing wall, there’s no impact on floor space.

You can get living walls uniquely designed and installed using the commercial indoor plant rental and maintenance services of INSIDE PLANTS. We specialize in interior plant design. Also, you can buy or rent our designs and solutions at great prices! Our living walls provide interior office design that will help lift your spirits. They will help make your day go by pleasantly. Firstly, we design our living walls to fit your office profile perfectly. Secondly, we make sure you are pleased!

You might be wondering about maintenance. You may think it’s hard to care for this unique, living office design. Although, plan for a worry-free experience. INSIDE PLANTS takes care of any attention and special handling. Our solutions in living walls provide interior office design that includes maintenance. Not only will your walls be accented with bursts of beauty, they will stay that way. Just sit back and enjoy. Enjoy your living walls for beauty, balance, space savings and cleaner air.

Living Walls Provide Interior Office Design and Cleaner Air

With living walls, or green walls, you get the added benefit of cleaner air. You get plants helping rid the air of toxins and pathogens. How about that for a plus! In fact, nothing helps beautify and protect the office interior better than live plants. That’s a fact. Check out our blog on why you should improve indoor air quality using plants. Take a look at all our indoor plant rentals, leasing, sales and maintenance services. You may not find a thing we can’t help you with. If you have something new in mind, let us know. We’ll design, install and maintain it for you!

Living Walls Provide Interior Office Design