Interior Plant Renovation Project for the City of Chino

The old interior artificial plants above the entry door had been there for over 20 years. And it looked like it! They needed a new look.

We started the discussion over a year ago. There were different ideas and plans and then finally, after a year and a half, the call came. I won the award and then the pressure was on.


I directed from across the building as my wonderful staff worked their magic. Did I happen to mention that it was above their entry door and there were four levels? We started at 6am and by 1pm, it looked fabulous!

The New Faux Interior Plants Look Beautiful and are Fire Retardant!

In compliance with building and county fire codes all of the faux interior plants installed and the Fiberex moss used as a top dressing met fire retardant standards.

We created and installed the custom design using a wide variety of faux interior plants for color, texture & dimension including: Bromeliads, Alocasia, Croton, Ficus Lyrata, and smaller short grasses.

Thank you to the City of Chino for choosing Inside Plants for your renovation project!
— Heddy Schulkind Salerno, CLT

Interior Plant Renovation Project for the City of Chino