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Our Suggested Indoor Plants That Use Less Water

Although California’s drought has been lifted, it is still somewhat a concern for everyone. Outdoor gardeners have been asked to do their part for a long time, and they are helping by getting rid of their thirsty lawns and other plants that require more water, but most people keep their plants indoors; and that’s where we come in! We are Southern California’s indoor plant specialists and can optimize your plants to run with less water and still provide the indoor air quality your space deserves.

If you want to play a bigger part in water conservation, especially in Southern California areas like Palm Springs, Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley or even out to Orange County, there are many ways to save when caring for your indoor plants. When you design and install plantscaping at your home, office, or apartment, make smart plant choices and practice waterwise care, and you can preserve this resource. We’ve been doing this for years, and there are only a few plants that need to be watered every week.

First, choose plants indoors that use less water. Obvious choices include succulents. Other excellent choices:
• Spider Plants
• Dracaena Marginata
• Chinese Evergreen
• ZZ Plant
• Cast Iron Plant
• Christmas Cactus
• Sansevieria

Many people overwater their indoor plants because they think they need it. They end up killing them with kindness. More indoor plants die due to overwatering than any other reason, including underwatering. When plants are overwatered, the soil is so soggy no oxygen reaches the roots. The roots can’t “breathe,” they die and they rot. If you want the right plants for the right space, let the experts help. Give us a call for a consultation today and see if we can’t save you some green ( and some H2O ) in the process.  www.insideplants.net

Our Suggested Indoor Plants That Use Less Water