Indoor Plants Science Facts Studies and Biophilia

Indoor Plants Science Facts Studies and Biophilia Are you one of the skeptics who doesn’t believe there is any real value in having indoor plants around? Before you dismiss them, why not take a look at some of the facts in science studies behind plants? These may surprise you. Then, at least you can make a more informed choice. In fact, with indoor plants science facts studies and biophilia in hand, you should see the benefits, whether or not you actually apply them. Also, most of us have had a basic intro to biology. As a result, we should at least know that without plants, humanity could not exist as it does on Earth. Although, what does that have to do with indoor plants? Let’s find out now.

Indoor Plants Science Facts Studies and Biophilia Research Clears the Air

Fact 1: Americans spend most of their time indoors. Not sure about that? Give this EPA Air Quality report a glance. In fact, most of our jobs take place indoors. We work, shop and deal with a variety of services inside. In fact, we usually look forward to coming home afterward. As a result, we spend much of the rest of our time inside.

Fact 2: The air we breathe indoors often falls short of the same quality as fresh. Although it may be thought of as better than the outside air, it lacks many healthful benefits. In fact, it can even cause sickness among employees. Also, air conditioning is often cited for under par, air circulation issues. As a result, ‘stale’ air and havens for pathogens often arise.

Fact 3: Numerous, indoor plants science facts studies and biophilia research reveal that plants change the scenario, significantly. You can take a look at just one of the studies done by National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture (NICH). Notice that in the report, they state “Plants in the workplace reduce employee sick time by 14%”.

Indoor Plants Purify the Air Fact 4: The science doesn’t lie, and NASA brings it home in its “Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement” study. They even worked out a successful, indoor air purification system. (By this point in our article, it should come as no surprise that the system included plants!) As a result, the report confirms that many plants not only freshen but purify indoor air. NASA puts the period at the end of the ‘indoor plants have great value’ discussion.

What About Indoor Plants and Biophilia?

Fact 5: Biophilia is the study of human love for other living things. Yup, we love ’em. You can say all day that it doesn’t matter much. But, you’d be missing all the indoor plants science facts studies and biophilia research. Let me just say this, if for no other reason than NASA says they’ll keep the indoor air I breathe fresh and pure, I love ’em!

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Indoor Plants Science Facts Studies and Biophilia