Improve Indoor Air Quality Using Plants

Improve Indoor Air Quality Using Plants It’s no secret that Americans spend a lot of their time indoors, but exactly how much? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it’s  about ninety percent. Really now, ninety percent? Let’s take a look at where we must spend it. Then, it may not seem like such an excess number. In fact, a vast number of Americans work full time jobs, in an office setting. Our children spend a good part of their day inside classrooms. We spend much of the remainder of our time inside our homes. Well, the time spent now seems more evident. That said, should indoor air quality be more evident too? Of course, it should. And how do we improve it? The simple answer is with plants. You improve indoor air quality using plants. In fact, plants are the simple yet efficient way to get great indoor air quality.

Rid Air of Toxins and Pathogens, Improve Indoor Air Quality Using Plants

Many people seem to know almost instinctively that plants make a big difference in air quality. They make a big, positive difference in attitude, as well. But, how exactly do plants improve indoor air? Well, they have the ability to rid air of toxins and pathogens. That’s so important in an enclosed environment! As many of us know, if the air flow system is lackluster, the spread of germs from people who are sick becomes highly likely. That’s true even with a robust air flow system. It happens all to too often at the office, right? Although, when you improve indoor air quality using plants, you can compensate for any air flow system. In fact, plants can over-perform in that capacity! They absorb the things we don’t like an expel the things we do.

As plants rid air of toxins and pathogens, they also produce oxygen. Oxygen is vital to the health of our cells and survival. It becomes a no-brainer to improve indoor air quality using plants with this in mind. Add to that the fact that indoor air in offices and schools can have 10x more pollution than outdoor, and plants become a must have!

Wow, when it comes to indoor air quality, things like toxic emissions and viruses take front and center. And what about airborne mold and those super bugs we’ve heard about!? What about various other pollutants? Even energy efficient construction has a downside. In fact, it uses an airtight model. As a result, less air circulation becomes an issue. Who wants any of the foregoing without protection?

Send Toxins and Pathogens Packing

Especially with the cold and flu season approaching, get smart. Rid air of toxins and pathogens. Who wants them?! Improve indoor air quality using plants. If you’re a business, get commercial indoor plant rental and maintenance. For your home, get residential plant rentals and maintenance. Exclude the nasty things lurking in your indoor air. Get experts on indoor living and well being with plants. Get INSIDE PLANTS assigned to your project indoor-air-quality today.


Improve Indoor Air Quality Using Plants