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Horticulture Drives Much Quality of Life

Horticulture Drives Much Quality of LifeHorticulture makes up one of the most profound drivers of the economy, of jobs and quality of life in our world today. In fact, truth be told, it’s a $196 billion contributor to the U.S. economy alone. Don’t believe me? Just look a the NICH report on influence and benefits of plants. Also, the report provides a road map showing how horticulture drives much quality of life in just about everything we do. Although, let’s break it down here in simple summary.

Horticulture Drives Much Quality of Life In Almost Every Activity

Let’s start with where we live. Outside, large shade trees reduce annual heating and cooling costs. Well-landscaped homes increase greatly in value. In addition, about 1/4 of the U.S. population raises food in fruits, vegetables and herbs. Inside, living plants add invaluable, natural beauty to interior spaces. They freshen the air and help rid it of toxins. As a result, they contribute highly to healthy living, where we spend much of our time. That’s where INSIDE PLANTS comes in. We play a key role in how horticulture drives much quality of life, indoors. And, we would have it no other way. Since people in our society spend most of their time indoors, that’s where plant experts like us can be the utmost help.

That takes us to the next indoor activity on the quality road horticulture drives, the workplace. In it, air often poses less than good quality. Also, workers often miss the mark in peak performance. Although, when office plants are added, employee sick time is reduced by 14%! In addition, employee productivity increases markedly.

Horticulture Drives Much Quality of Life in Almost Every Activity of LivingIn conclusion, most people love to see plants and lovely placements of them in almost every activity of life. That includes shopping and service centers. In fact, doesn’t it do our spirits good to see lovely, living plants while we wait to see the doctor, or at a hospital? That’s what we’re all about at INSIDE PLANTS. We want to lift the spirits and quality of life for our clients. We want to do that with all our indoor plant solutions.

Want to find out more about how horticulture drives much quality of life for you, indoors? Connect with us at INSIDE PLANTS. Let us drive the plant solution for your home. Let us drive it for your office or other business space.


Horticulture Drives Much Quality of Life