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Holiday Plant Decorations For Your Office 2016

The summer heat is still here but with Pinterst here, Instagram there, Facebook posts, even blogs like this one (we’re not even going to start with the large chain retail stores, which, let’s face it the big blue logo is guilty) we feel it’s safe to say the holidays have come callin’ yet again. And doesn’t it seem earlier and earlier every year? In 2014, the average American family spent over $850 on gifts and holiday plant decorations . This is up from the $646 spent on average on holiday gifts in 2012. Obviously, the holiday season is still big business.

Holiday Plant DecorationsWhile major retailers may enjoy much of this holiday spending, just about any size or type of business can profit from a busy and lucrative holiday season. One way to attract customers to your business or just spread holiday cheer is by decorating your business with a well-designed, well-lit holiday decor. By doing so, you may find that professional commercial holiday plant decorations can not only help provide benefits during the holiday season but they can also jumpstart a very happy, and prosperous, new year.

What if you are a business that does not serve the retail customer? Can you just forget about the trouble of decorating for the holidays this year? Not if you don’t want to come off as a Scrooge to your employees. Many employees enjoy a more relaxed, festive, and spiritual feel during the holiday season. As a result, improved employee morale may translate into happier employees that feel valued, are more dedicated to their employers, and provide greater productivity in the workplace. All of these benefits can start with a smart holiday display on the exterior of a business that welcomes employees in, makes them feel like their company is invested in their happiness, and inspires them to greater goodwill and holiday spirit.

Businesses looking to decorate for the holidays have options such as commercial plant renting and maintenance services to make installation and cleanup nice and easy. This is something we a re really good at by the way.

So, with all that being said, statistics and all, Contact us, or give us a call today at (800) 376-4637 for your holiday festivities. We are happy to bring the freshness and beauty of holiday plant decor into your workspace.

Holiday Plant Decorations For Your Office 2016