Residential Plant Rentals And Maintenance Services

Residential Plant Rentals and MaintenanceINSIDE PLANTS provides interior plants for many residences throughout Southern California. Our services are all inclusive and comprehensive. We will assist in selecting, locating, placing and maintaining your plants – for any need, any space. Whether you have a ten thousand square foot residence or a vacation rental, we are here to help you beautify that home. In fact, our residential plant rentals and maintenance services can totally re-imagine your interior space. Just watch as a mundane area transforms into sheer beauty! Yes, interior landscaping and plants can deliver, with our expertise and skill in the mix.

It all starts with selecting your plants that will thrive in home interiors . Next, we place them in the optimal locations. Then, our technicians visit your home regularly. They service each plant. In the process, they water, fertilize, clean, shine, prune and trim. As a result, they keep every plant as healthy as can be. Also, if any plant begins to lose it’s vitality, we replace it at no added charge. That’s right, we replace it free.

Residential Plant Rentals And Maintenance Services For Home Interiors

We tailor our residential plant rentals and maintenance services for any homeowner who happens to be a plant lover. We tailor them for anyone who just doesn’t have the time to devote to plants. Also, we fill in the blanks on interior design. We create and maintenance interior landscaping you can be  proud of.

Let the Professionals at INSIDE PLANTS Design Your Interior Landscaping

A home is made up of more than the furniture, flooring and art. With the addition of interior plants, it presents an exquisite balance. In fact, live plants can truly turn a house into a home. Also, nothing compares to that warm feeling a living plant provides.

When it comes to home interiors, we know what works. Since interior landscaping is our passion, we devote no less than the best in plants and services. With that in mind, what would you like us to do for your home interior? Let’s talk. Tell us what you have in mind. Depending on your specific needs, we’ll design a plant program that’s the perfect fit.

With INSIDE PLANTS residential plant rentals and maintenance, you can buy or rent. The choice is yours. If budget is an issue, our rental program will work well for you. Renting our plants and decorative containers is cost efficient. As a result, you get the exact plants you want without paying a lot. Plus, all rentals include plants, decorative containers, and guaranteed maintenance.


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There have been several plant companies that claim they will take great care of your plants, however only Inside Plants have held true to this message. Thanks Inside Plants for great care, follow up, and meeting our needs for all of our plant care.