Commercial Indoor Plant Rental and Maintenance Services

Commercial Indoor Plant Rental and MaintenanceINSIDE PLANTS provides interior plants for hundreds of offices, warehouses, corporate lobbies and other commercial accounts. With our indoor plant rentals, we provide all inclusive and comprehensive services. In fact, we will assist in selecting, locating, placing and maintaining your plants – for any need, any space. That’s our standard of operation for all commercial indoor plant rental and maintenance services we provide. As a result, you can expect the best in indoor plant products and customer care.

Commercial Indoor Plant Rental and Maintenance – Interior Plants

Upon selecting your indoor plants and their placement in optimal locations, our technicians visit regularly. They service each plant. They water, fertilize, clean, shine, prune and trim. As a result,  every plant stays as healthy as possible. In fact, we make sure of that whether your interior design spans office plant rental, corporate lobby plant rental, or other commercial plant rental needs. Last but not least, we make sure each plant keeps its beautiful presence!

As an added plus, rest assured that all commercial indoor plant rental we provide gets the extra maintenance it needs. For example, if a plant is diseased or just not looking its best, we replace it quickly. We do that free. In fact, we guarantee all plants look and stay healthy all of the time, or we replace them.

From Interior Plant Designing to Ongoing Maintenance – We Do It All

When it comes to interior plant designing, we’ve got you covered. Depending on your specific needs, we create a program that fits. We start by looking at the key factors. For example, what is the size of the space? What are your specific tastes in plants? What does your budget allow? Upon taking the key factors into account, we get started. In fact, we handle interior plant design for multi-million dollar, high rise office buildings. We handle it for small offices. We do the same for any other commercial indoor plant rental need. Keep in mind that our interior plant design includes  decorative containers. As a result, you get added beauty and value in an ideal interior space.

If budget is a key player, our rental program is a great choice. In fact, for a cost efficient solution, you can’t go wrong. You can have all the office plants you want, without paying a lot. You can have them, including decorative containers. Let’s not forget the guaranteed maintenance! If it’s the right fit, take advantage of our rental and leasing option.

Does interior plant and design sales better suit your commercial indoor plant needs? We take care of that too! Whether renting, leasing or buying, we provide the best in quality. Last but not least, at INSIDE PLANTS, you don’t just get great plant care. You get great customer care.


What our customers are saying about our services...

Inside Plants 5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 5 user reviews.
Inside Plants
Inside Plants has been providing service to the Frontier Project since we opened in 2009. They worked with us and our interior design team to make sure the plants aligned with the design of the building. We are very happy with the service thery provide.
There staff is always friendly and a pleasure to have onsite and the plants are always well Maintained.