Career Opportunities & Jobs

Plant Care Technician:

Can you see yourself taking care of interior plants inside residential and model homes, offices, and restaurants? If you like to water, prune and ensure the overall health of plants, we have the perfect job for you as a Plant Maintenance Technician with Inside Plants. As an independent position, you simply transport, maintain and change out replacement plants for our clients. Begin your day from the convenience of your own home and start your route. Depending on how busy you like to be, you can hit as few as five or as many as twenty locations a day. Its fun, easy and we happen to think, one of the best jobs available for plant lovers!

You will be using your own vehicle. We do our best to place you close to home, however we do ask for flexibility with route assignments. We pay hourly rates, drive time, and mileage. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with plants and to help create healthy nurturing environments. Flexible hours, 3-4 days a week, and 20-30 hours a week depending upon the route. Hours start in the morning and end in the afternoon depending upon your route.


The ability to work independently, constant carrying of a 20 lb watering can, bending & kneeling, lifting 40 lbs, reliable transportation, proof of insurance, good driving record, 18 years of age.

Note: You’ll be required to come into our corporate office once a week for supplies and replacement plants and for monthly staff meetings.

Sales Rep:

We are looking for self motivated, high energy individuals to help grow our business. If you would be interested in a full time salary/commission position, we want to talk to you.